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 With Angel Love Cuticle Oil is created  with pure & natural ingredients.  It begins with Organic almond, coconut, and vitamin E oils along with a delightful blend of 3rd party tested essential oils.  Each chosen for their particular benefit to your nails.

Benefits of
cuticle oil

• Helps prevent nail breakage and peeling

• Nourishes nails, increases health and growth

• Helps manicures to last longer

• Soften cuticles to prevent hang nails

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Application Tips

• Prime pen by twisting base approx.13 times 

• Apply at least twice a day for best results

• Brush around and over cuticle and under nail tip

• Apply after nail service, not before

• Use on natural nails, gel polish, artificial enhancements 

Public Speaking

Spreading love can happen in so many ways — Meegan Lybolt is happy to share her health journey, inspirations, energy healing, and care for fellow cancer survivors and patients. 

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Sharing my Breast Cancer journey, and what Ive learned with young women has become a passion of mine. People, especially women, (yes men do get breast cancer) are  being diagnosed younger and younger, therefore prevention and awareness must also start younger and younger.

If you would like to have me come to speak to your school, sorority or young women’s group, please fill out this form, along with where and when you would be interested in having me and and we will get back to you shortly.


“I truly LOVE this cuticle oil! The skin around my nails looks soft and healthy where it used to be dry and a little bit red. 
and it smells great! I highly recommend it."

Ann L, Clinton, NJ

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