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My Story

My name is Meegan Lybolt. I am married to my awesome  husband Chris, we have a beautiful daughter Rachel and a few fur babies living in Richmond VA. Everyone has a story to share, ours has been filled with a lot of challenges but we are so grateful to be here now.  


Chris and I met while working at a power company in NJ. We were fast and best friends. Since we were married in 1998 we have gone through some incredibly difficult challenges. The first starting only 15 months after we were married during the birth of our beautiful daughter — the anesthesiologist made several mistakes resulting in a severe spinal cord injury called Arachnoiditis. The diagnosis is a permanent and progressive one. This literally stopped me in my tracks. I could no longer work my full-time job as a Project Manager nor as a Nail Technician, which was my creative outlet. This was certainly not what we expected, especially just starting our life and family together. Over the years, we learned to adapt and do the best we could. I have always been one who believed in the good and put a smile on my face, no matter the struggle I was facing.


14 years later, after moving to a new area, I received a Breast Cancer diagnosis. It shook my family and I. Due to the staging of my Breast Cancer, I had to go through both chemotherapy as well as radiation. We pulled our team together and faced it head on. Chemotherapy was incredibly difficult on me. But by the grace of God and the support of my family and friends — I made it through. Months after my treatment ended, although I still had significant pain, it had somehow decreased. 


My Breast Cancer diagnosis changed my life in so many ways. The surprising decrease of pain allowed me to do things I never dreamed  I could again. I knew I wasn’t well enough to go back to a corporate job, but my husband encouraged me to try to see if I could do nails again. I found — with restrictions, — I could do something that I love doing again. Which is how I came to the need of creating a clean and truly pure Cuticle oil.  


I’ve always prided myself with sharing information I’ve learned and helping others. Working with my clients has been no different and has given me something to allow me to feel like I’m making a difference again. My clients have come to know how important clean products are to me, and I share information with each one of them as often as I can. They love my With Angel Love™ Cuticle Oil and have been telling me for years that I should be selling on a larger scale. I was just grateful to be able to be doing SOMETHING that I loved doing again. But my husband and I believe they were right, everyone deserves to have a great and clean cuticle oil. It’s been a long road to get here, but we really hope you love it.   

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