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Speaking Engagements

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Sharing my Breast Cancer journey, and what Ive learned with young women has become a passion of mine. People, especially women, (yes men do get breast cancer) are  being diagnosed younger and younger, therefore prevention and awareness must also start younger and younger.    


After my Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment that lasted almost 2 years, I knew that I needed to make a difference in some way. My daughter was only 13 when I was diagnosed. As a mom and especially her mom,  I do not want anyone else to ever have to go through what my family and I have had to. Through sharing my journey, what I’ve learned and what others can do when they hear someone has been diagnosed, is where I hope to make this difference. Being aware of your body is where I believe prevention starts. I hope to educate others not only on what I’ve learned but to share with them things they probably didn’t even know they needed to be aware of. When I was diagnosed at 46, I did not.    


If you would like to have me come to speak to your sorority or young women’s group, please fill out the ask a question form, along with where and when you would be interested in having me and and someone will get back to you shortly.    


Awareness and Prevention are powerful tools.

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